traduction anglais portrait samos17

Hello, If you want to order a portrait, it is a real pleasure for me to do it for you. First of all, it is important that we agree on the picture you will select (indeed, the quality of the photo must be good if I want to make a nice portrait). I can realize a portrait with one or several persons on the same drawing (it is possible for me to do so from separate pictures). Once we have agreed on the picture, on its size and on the price, you can order by sending me half of the whole amount by international credit transfer (from bank to bank) when I start drawing the portrait. Of course, I will tell you in advance when I plan to start. Once the whole work finished, I will send you a picture by e-mail to make sure you like it. After that, the second bank credit transfer shall be made, and then I will send your order. Thank you in advance for your confidence.